A Day at the Lakes

This morning Kids Unplugged was joined by an enthusiastic group of families for our Fish-a-Thon to benefit Recycled Fish and the Tarrytown Lakes. Whether they were there to ride bikes, catch fish, or try their arms at paddling a kayack, kids and parents alike spent some truly beautiful early-fall hours along the lakes.And thanks to Coffee Labs Roasters and the Bagel Emporium we had a lakeside brunch as well.

According to Teeg Stouffer, director of Recycled Fish, a recent study completed by the Outdoor Foundation found that fishing was the #1 activity that got kids interested in other outdoor activities. Judging from the attention spans of the kids today, this seems pretty accurate.

Despite the fact that the fish weren’t really biting, time spent fishing with Mom and Dad, fashioning Tom Sawyer-style fishing rods, learning to cast, baiting the hooks, digging for worms, and untangling their lines made for some solid outdoor entertainment.We did manage to reel in a few sunnies, much to the kids’ (and dads’!) delight, and then kissed them goodbye and released them on their way.

For some families this was their first Kids Unplugged outing and many mentioned looking forward to joining us again soon.

We sure hope they will.

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