Buttercups and Bridges at the Tarrytown Lakes

There is a short path accessible from the skate shack parking lot of the Tarrytown Lakes that wends its way back toward the Wilson Park neighborhood and is much less traveled than its popular cousin, the bike path, across the road. This was the scene of today’s Wacky Wednesday.

We were treated to a large crowd of enthusiastic hikers, climbers and bushwhackers today tramping through the woods. We headed off trail to a break in the fence leading to a hidden soccer field on the west side of the small lake.Usually the field is mown short and fun to run around and play “watch-out-for-the-goose-poop” on. Today, however, it was in no condition for a game of football, but was a child’s eden of tall meadow grass and buttercups. The kids wallowed and waded and picked the golden flowers, some of them small enough that the grasses grew up above their heads. It was the perfect spot for the little ones to roll and hide.

We continued along the trail to another favored spot–two fallen trees whose trunks balance neatly on the embankments which line either side of the trail, thus making natural bridges for running under and bravely attempting to cross. Holding the grown-ups’ hands, on all fours, and scootching on bottoms, a train of children spent a good amount of time testing their skills and stamina.

A windfall of maple seeds at trail’s end made for many joyful Pinnocchio noses as we said our goodbyes and planned for the next hike.

I am ever grateful to my resident photographer, Debbie Allan, for posting her weekly slideshows. Please visit her website http://debbieallanphotography.com/ if you’d like to order copies of any of her wonderful pictures and to see more of her work.


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