Camping Anyone?

During my month’s hiatus, the Kids Unplugged family headed to Lake George with a bunch of friends (my husband counted that we had a dozen kids all told throughout the week) for some camping. Our group had four sites near one another and the kids spent their days running between the sites, firing up spider dogs on the campfire, canoeing and swimming in the lake, drawing at the picnic tables, reading and listening to stories and exploring the creek that ran behind the sites. They were solidly dirty for five straight days except when they were in the lake and I’ve never seen a more content group of totally unplugged kids. Five days of cooking like Caroline Ingalls did start to wear on my own nerves a bit, but the site of those kids mucking about in the creek, faces covered with the sticky remnants of last night’s s’mores, made it all worth it. That and the company of some pretty great friends.

Same time next year!

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