10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Ski Trip

Let’s face it, skiing is far from cheap.  With lodging, equipment rentals, food, and lift tickets, a family has to make a substantial investment in order to take a ski vacation.  Even if you don’t stay overnight you can easily drop $500 for just a day on the mountain.  But there are ways to avoid blowing a huge chunk of change to have a family that skis.  Since skiing is one of Kids Unplugged’s favorite ways to get everyone outdoors in {Read More}

Tips for Sharing Photography with Your Kids

My middle daughter is a budding photographer and she’s got a great eye.  In fact, all of the images in this post are hers with the exception of the two I took of her with the camera.   Her favorite types of shots are close up abstractions of items found in nature–flowers, leaves, insects–but she also likes to play with unique angles and lighting.  Textures. Colors. I’m not sure when her enthusiasm for the camera began, but I’m pretty sure {Read More}

5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog When You Travel

It’s happening. The family is bustling around, the laundry room is in full swing, and the bags are stashed by the door waiting to be loaded into the car. All the telltale signs of a vacation are there and the doggy is no fool. She knows you’re leaving. One of the biggest factors for our family when we decided to get a dog was what to do with our furry friend when we traveled—which we do quite a bit. Initially, {Read More}

7 Steps to Planning the Perfect Family Road Trip

Summer’s just about here and that means that it’s road trip season!  A family road trip is one of our country’s greatest traditions and though not without its challenges, it can be a super way to reconnect with one another.  Here is Kids Unplugged’s guide to planning a successful family road trip.  Enjoy! 1.  Plot it out Gone are the days of simply winging it on a road trip. With kids in tow, planning your route in advance, including your {Read More}

5 Destinations That Will Get Your Family Unplugged This Summer

The endless days of summer are right around the corner bringing with them family road trips, picnics by the shore and campfires under the stars.  It’s also the ideal time of year to cast your electronics aside, connecting with nature, the great outdoors and each other.  Here are five fantastic, unplugged destinations that will entice your family to do exactly that. St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands While most people head to a tropical island to escape winter’s wrath, the Caribbean {Read More}

#KissColdAway in the Florida Theme Parks! March 18 Twitter Party with Experience Kissimmee

We are an unplugged family.  My husband, daughters and I like to travel to places that brim with natural beauty, history and culture.  We enjoy having authentic experiences, chatting with local folks in order to get to know our destination and getting off the beaten track a bit during our adventures.   Any getaway that allows us to engage with both the region and with one another while taking a break from the frenetic pace of daily life has a place {Read More}

Confessions of a SeaWorld Skeptic – Visiting SeaWorld in the Midst of the Blackfish Controversy

This summer I spent a day visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida with my youngest daughter as part of a bloggers’ familiarization trip. I had some serious misgivings about the trip at first given the controversy surrounding SeaWorld caused by the Blackfish documentary.  An exposé of sorts, Blackfish examines the death of orca head trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010 and explores the psychological impact of captivity on orcas and their temperaments. Since its airing on CNN in October 2013, the film {Read More}

Eat Well on the Road with Westin and Super Chefs!

One of the greatest challenges families face while traveling is maintaining healthy eating habits while on the road. Fast food establishments tend to dominate the market and though several of these have begun to move toward healthier offerings, menus still primarily feature too-large portions of greasy, salt and sugar-laden choices. Many major hotel chains are home to restaurant franchises whose menus are just a step above those of big, fast food chains with lots of breaded, fried, and heavily sauced {Read More}

Traveling with my Girls – A Post for Mother’s Day

Growing up, we did not travel very much as a family.  Money was tight, our parents were divorced, and both of them were more concerned with keeping us in new shoes and getting our dinner on the table than with saving for vacations.  We took plenty of day trips to the beach in the summertime and once or twice we rented a little cottage on the Connecticut shore in East Lyme or in Cape Cod, but anything beyond that was {Read More}

The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List

So, you’ve decided to hit the road with the family?  A road trip can be a fantastic adventure and packing the car with the right gear will help avoid blood sugar meltdowns, stave off boredom, and allow you to reach your destination as smoothly and safely as possible. Food One thing I always do before a road trip is head to the market and stock up on a couple of bags full of non-perishable snack items.  When I’ve driven to {Read More}