Thousand Words Thursday – Longboat Key, Florida

Path to the Beach – Longboat Key Club Resort, Longboat Key, Florida

Thousand Words Thursday – Stowe, Vermont

Little Covered Bridge at Spruce Peak Pathway – Stowe, Vermont – January 2015

Thousand Words Thursday – A Weekly Meme

Graffiti Under the Manhattan Bridge – Brooklyn, NY – August 2014 For quite a while now I have been wanting to introduce some kind of weekly meme to this site. I dabbled in all variety of clever (in my mind, anyway) alliteration to try to come up with an idea that might resonate both with me and all of you. When working on a piece recently I found myself stuck–this happens frequently. As a means of procrastination, I clicked over {Read More}

Confessions of a SeaWorld Skeptic – Visiting SeaWorld in the Midst of the Blackfish Controversy

This summer I spent a day visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida with my youngest daughter as part of a bloggers’ familiarization trip. I had some serious misgivings about the trip at first given the controversy surrounding SeaWorld caused by the Blackfish documentary.  An exposé of sorts, Blackfish examines the death of orca head trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010 and explores the psychological impact of captivity on orcas and their temperaments. Since its airing on CNN in October 2013, the film {Read More}

Traveling with my Girls – A Post for Mother’s Day

Growing up, we did not travel very much as a family.  Money was tight, our parents were divorced, and both of them were more concerned with keeping us in new shoes and getting our dinner on the table than with saving for vacations.  We took plenty of day trips to the beach in the summertime and once or twice we rented a little cottage on the Connecticut shore in East Lyme or in Cape Cod, but anything beyond that was {Read More}