Join the #KissColdAway Twitter Party – February 24, 9-10 pm

The northeast has been under winter’s siege since late January with above average snowfalls being recorded all over the country.  Nearly 8 feet of snow has fallen on Boston alone in the past three weeks! This may be well and good for winter sports—our family has certainly taken advantage of the awesome conditions on the ski slopes and snowshoe trails of Vermont this season—but shoveling the driveway, dealing with power outages, and listening to repeat blizzard warnings have been far {Read More}

Thousand Words Thursday – A Weekly Meme

Graffiti Under the Manhattan Bridge – Brooklyn, NY – August 2014 For quite a while now I have been wanting to introduce some kind of weekly meme to this site. I dabbled in all variety of clever (in my mind, anyway) alliteration to try to come up with an idea that might resonate both with me and all of you. When working on a piece recently I found myself stuck–this happens frequently. As a means of procrastination, I clicked over {Read More}

Win a 7-Day Stay with #DiamondResorts!

If money were no object I think I would never stay home.  I absolutely love to travel and take every opportunity I can to show my girls the world.  Unfortunately, I do not have a mountain of disposable income at my fingertips and most of our trips involve a bit of scrimping and saving, as vacations do for most families. But if we were to win a vacation? Oh, the fun of that!  Think of what I could do with {Read More}

Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living – You CAN Eat Healthfully in the Disney Parks!

Everyone who knows me knows that I consider myself a foodie.  Growing up, food–growing it, shopping for it, preparing it, enjoying it–was the highlight of all our big, fat Italian family gatherings.  It didn’t matter if it was a holiday event or a Sunday lunch, we ate and we ate well. As a child I was always the last one at my grandparents’ table.  That was partly because I was, as my grandmother used to say, a chiacchiarone (chatterbox) but {Read More}

Our Trip to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration – 10 Values to Live By

Last week my girls and I had the honor and pleasure of traveling to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California to take part in the fabulous events of the annual Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Aptly named, the Social Media Moms Celebration is just that–a weekend-long celebration of learning, service, community, family, friends and most of all, of Disney Magic. As the Unplugged Girl, people are often surprised to learn that I have such a fierce love for Disney.  I {Read More}

Post One

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With All the Talk About Coyotes…

…it might be a good idea to get some solid information on the subject.  

Rockefeller Fridays Details & Directions

*All hikes will leave 10 minutes after designated meeting time and are a suggested donation of $5 per family.Friday, September 17thPocantico River TrailRockefeller Preserve, Sleepy HollowMeeting Time: 4:00 p.m.Meeting Place: At the trail head along Sleepy Hollow RoadDirections: Heading west on Bedford Road (448) turn left on Sleepy Hollow Road. Go through the stop sign and continue 1/2 mile to the trail head. There is a white farmhouse next to the entrance gate. Parking is all along Sleepy Hollow Road. {Read More}

Harvest Day on the Farm

Today was the last of the summer’s farm Saturdays and spent it celebrating the harvest. From baking bread to hiking through the gardens to see the farm’s bursting bounty of fruits and vegetables before harvesting some of our own, our morning was filled with activity and adventure. We were fortunate to spend most of the morning with Robin, one of the farm’s workers, as he lead us on a tour of the fields to spot vines full of ripe cantaloupes, {Read More}

Bugs, Butterflies, Worms & Compost

Our day at the farm today was spent learning about and searching for the myriad critters that are either the friends or foes of farmers everywhere. We started our day at one of the kids’ favorite spots on the farm–the chicken coops! One of the things that the kids would learn later during their visit to the composting area was that the chickens serve many purposes on the farm aside from the gorgeous eggs they lay each day. But for {Read More}