Early Summer Stroll at Halsey Pond

Finally after days and days and days of rain, the sky cleared just long enough for us to get a nice early afternoon hike in at the ever-charming Halsey Pond. This time we were here for the first in our June series of Early Summer Strolls and the demographic was decidedly toddler. Handfuls of gravel from the path flew from chubby hands with gleeful abandon into the pond. Baby ducks paddled quickly towards their mama much to our brood’s delight. Tall grasses were great places to play hide and peek out.

And a little spigot of rushing water became an irresistible attraction for our hand-washing, sensory-loving crowd of preschoolers (hands that only moments before were squishing in the muddy puddles left behind by the recent rains).

We strolled and chatted and picnicked on the terrace of the Beltzhoover Teahouse while the kids ran and mooched and tormented us by trying to boost themselves up onto the Teahouse walls. The sun was warm and the path was steamy after the morning rain. We headed back down the trail, lots of dirty little kids ready for a nap.

It was wonderful to have new families join us today and I look forward to seeing everyone next time.

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