Halloween on the Farm

Today was the second in our Autumn series of Saturdays on the Farm in Fishkill and we spent the morning in the All Hallow’s spirit. In keeping with the ancient Celtic tradition of wearing masks to discourage menacing ghosts from wreaking havoc on their households and next season’s crops, the children painted and decorated their own
We had the very good fortune of dry weather despite the forecasted rain and were able to spend our morning out on the terrace crafting and baking. Those patient rain clouds also enabled us some solid adventure time around the farm grounds. Luckily everyone arrived today properly bundled and ready to be outside, which made for happy kids and parents all around.

After a frolic in the huge hay pile left over from September’s hay maze, we hiked down to visit the chickens to collect eggs–always a treat for the kids–to use for my favorite autumn pumpkin muffins. We filled two baskets and spent some gleeful time among the farm’s sweet old laying hens.

After some solid hand washing, the kids all took turns pouring and stirring ingredients. Thanks to a delightful mixing song taught to us by one of our little farmers, everyone passed the bowl around the table with the utmost fairness.

When the muffins were in the oven, we headed out to the meadow to read a story about old Baba Yaga the witch. We finished our meadow circle by stirring our brews to the tune of a creepy witch song before returning to the terrace to decorate our mostly-dry masks. With glitter glue and googly eyes (not very natural, but who can resist googly eyes?), beans and feathers, the children adorned their masks with enthusiasm and creativity. The pictures of their work speak for themselves.

We finished our day with a sweet Halloween story and pumpkin muffins, warm from the oven. Thanks to everyone for helping to create such a lovely morning on the farm!

Below is a slideshow showing some of Debbie Allan’s photos of the mornings activities.

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