How Cold is too Cold?

This morning we walked in Rockefeller State Park along the Pocantico River Trail, and, while it was a bit blustery (this time it was Nola who was the unhappy adventurer–even magic crackers couldn’t cheer her) it was beautiful and the kids had a ball.
In the space of an hour they gathered some big sticks, found a frozen area along the trail they deemed a pond and proceeded to chop at it to make holes for ice fishing, fished in their “pond” with the sticks-now-fishing poles, hunted with the sticks for animals whose skins they were going to use to make into blankets for “people with no homes who are cold,” and hung their newly acquired pelts on the sticks for transport.They hid inside a huge, hollow tree that became their house and ate crackers and hid some for the animals.

And all the while the mamas chatted and attempted to cajole the little one with apples and pointed out creature tracks and ski tracks and little icicle colonies on the river and the three red-tailed hawks swooping, circling in the cold sunshine.

Then, before the small ones’ fingers and toes got too chilly, it was time to go home.

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