Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Thanks to the unyielding support, in all kinds of weather, of our Kids Unplugged enthusiasts, our last Wacky Wednesday walk was a delight. Pulling into the parking lot at the Rockwood Hall trailhead this afternoon I was greeted by a sea of brightly colored slickers and large umbrellas tailgating in the pouring, pouring rain. Zoiks. It’s been some June.

We waited a good 20-minutes for the deluge to clear and capitalized on the spots of blue between the clouds to hit the trail.

The view of the Hudson as we crested the hill was spectacular as usual and though the swamp under the great beech tree made it a bit too mucky for climbing, the hemlocks were the star destination that they always are.

After a some solid climbing time, we headed for a quick loop around the eastern foundation trail for some nice puddle stomping and a hearty run-around. As we started back uphill toward the foundation, so did the rain, and we got a bit of a soaking as we made our way back down to the start of the trail, the Tappan Zee Bridge now hidden by clouds and fog.

Many thanks to all of your for your support and enthusiasm for Wacky Wednesdays this past 6 months. It’s been great fun and we’ll start up again in September.

Happy Summer!

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