Rockwood Wind!

Today we found ourselves at a favorite spot in Rockefeller State Park, the Rockwood Hall area, though the blustery winds which left my yard covered in a thick carpet of pine needles forced us to cut the hike short. Too many loose branches for comfort today.

We did hike in a bit along the lower trail before heading back out and encountered something new–several lovely rocks painted with a single message or image–and place along the trail. I had recently read a piece in our local paper, The Hudson Independent, about a local woman who has started a business hand painting rocks and shells and was wondering if these might be her handiwork. If it wasn’t she, I guess that they will remain a special mystery. In any case, I wish we’d had the opportunity to continue along the trail because it would have been a little treasure hunt for the children to come upon more of these along the way.

Though the kids were a bit disappointed by the executive decision to leave the trail today, they made a bit of fun just digging in the gravel along the path and collecting falling leaves and chestnuts. And it did permit me to prolong having to tell them they can’t climb the hemlocks!

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