10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Ski Trip

Let’s face it, skiing is far from cheap.  With lodging, equipment rentals, food, and lift tickets, a family has to make a substantial investment in order to take a ski vacation.  Even if you don’t stay overnight you can easily drop $500 for just a day on the mountain.  But there are ways to avoid blowing a huge chunk of change to have a family that skis.  Since skiing is one of Kids Unplugged’s favorite ways to get everyone outdoors in {Read More}

Bolton Valley – Vermont’s Friendliest Mountain

It started the moment we pulled up in front of the Inn. The wind whipped the blowing snow into a funnel, wrapping us in its arctic vortex and sending our smallest daughter sailing across the parking lot. We threw our arms in front of our faces to keep the tiny flakes from stinging our eyes and muscled our way to the back of the car to unload our gear. Two red-cheeked ladies swooped out of the icy blitz, swinging into {Read More}