Cozy Digs on a Frosty Night – A Review of Burlington’s Hotel Vermont

If you follow this blog you know that our family spends quite a bit of time in Vermont. Whether we’re skiing the slopes or hiking the trails, the Green Mountain state is one of our favorite destinations. Despite frequent visits, we hadn’t managed to make it to one of Vermont’s coolest cities. Subsequently, Burlington has been at the top of my travel list for quite some time. Because of the abundance of outdoor activities in and around the area, I’d {Read More}

Québec’s P’tit Train du Nord – The Perfect Family Bike Trip

My husband has always loved a good bike trip. As a boy of 15, his dad drove him uptown to the George Washington Bridge from their Greenwich Village apartment to pedal from New York City to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia lead only by a 20-something American Youth Hostels counselor. Several more trips followed, including a month-long cycling and camping tour through Italy. When we’d been dating about a year, my own two-wheeled initiation took place along the Pacific Coast {Read More}

5 Ways to Connect Your Kids with Nature

The woods behind the house where I grew up went on forever and I knew every inch of them. A thick layer of amber-colored pine needles littered the woodland floor and I can easily conjure the warm, damp, composty smell of the spongy blackness I’d unearth by digging beneath the carpet. Through the trees, across the dirt road, was a swamp where we spent hours attempting to sail across in the old baby bathtub or upon makeshift plywood rafts. We’d {Read More}

#KissColdAway in the Florida Theme Parks! March 18 Twitter Party with Experience Kissimmee

We are an unplugged family.  My husband, daughters and I like to travel to places that brim with natural beauty, history and culture.  We enjoy having authentic experiences, chatting with local folks in order to get to know our destination and getting off the beaten track a bit during our adventures.   Any getaway that allows us to engage with both the region and with one another while taking a break from the frenetic pace of daily life has a place {Read More}

Join the #KissColdAway Twitter Party – February 24, 9-10 pm

The northeast has been under winter’s siege since late January with above average snowfalls being recorded all over the country.  Nearly 8 feet of snow has fallen on Boston alone in the past three weeks! This may be well and good for winter sports—our family has certainly taken advantage of the awesome conditions on the ski slopes and snowshoe trails of Vermont this season—but shoveling the driveway, dealing with power outages, and listening to repeat blizzard warnings have been far {Read More}

The Gray Ghost Inn – Cozy Digs at the Foot of Mount Snow

What are some of the things people look for when choosing a place to stay for a family ski trip?  Close proximity to the mountain? Inviting rooms that comfortably accommodate the whole family? A relaxed, welcoming environment where you can snuggle up by the fire after a day on the slopes?  Accommodations in Vermont ski areas run the gamut from simple village B&Bs to luxurious slope side resorts and everything in between.  On a recent, spontaneous overnight to Mount Snow, {Read More}

2014 Passports with Purpose – Support Sustainable Harvest International

With the holidays rapidly approaching it goes without saying that it’s the perfect time to put aside our own families’ wish lists to focus some of our attention toward the wishes and needs of others.  I am so happy to be joining the efforts of Passports with Purpose this holiday season for what will hopefully become the first of many years to come.  And I’m delighted that Kids Unplugged has received a fabulous donation from the Bolton Valley Ski Resort in {Read More}

Top Picks for the 2014-15 Ski Season – #SkiVermont

The Green Mountains of Vermont have long been known for the best skiing on the east coast and and the archetypal ski villages throughout the state attract thousands of visitors each season.  Lots of families have their favorites, returning to the same spots year after year as my husband grew up doing with Stowe.  Though much can be said for having a particular destination feel like home, with close to 50 alpine and nordic ski resorts in Vermont it stands {Read More}

Can I Bake a Pie? Or What Benign Neglect Has Taught me About Being a Mom

I don’t like it when I feel like a bad mother.  It’s a crappy feeling.  Since I’ve started working so much more, I struggle with this sentiment fairly often.  After my oldest daughter was born, I was in a new mother’s support group with a fabulous therapist with whom I continued to work in myriad capacities for several years.  I will never forget when she taught me about a concept she’d gleaned from Mothering magazine they called “benign neglect,” the gist of {Read More}

The Trails are Alive! Cross Country Skiing at Trapp Family Lodge

As avid hikers we know that trails covered in deep snow can put a damper on winter treks and for folks all across the U.S. this winter has been an absolute doozy.  We’ve missed our woods walks these past couple of cold, snowy months as trudging through a minimum of 8-inches of snow for any length of time wouldn’t be fun for anyone.  Because the conditions have been so limiting this year, we were all really looking forward to sliding {Read More}