Farmers Market Friday – Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow, New York a.k.a. The TaSH

Welcome to Farmers Market Friday! It’s no secret that I love farmers markets.  From the time the first spring ramps and asparagus hit the tables in May until there’s nothing but kale and onions in late November, I get pretty much all of our produce from one of our local markets.  Where I live in New York’s Hudson Valley, we are blessed with a huge variety of farmers markets. Some are destinations in themselves featuring live music, story times for {Read More}

Eat Well on the Road with Westin and Super Chefs!

One of the greatest challenges families face while traveling is maintaining healthy eating habits while on the road. Fast food establishments tend to dominate the market and though several of these have begun to move toward healthier offerings, menus still primarily feature too-large portions of greasy, salt and sugar-laden choices. Many major hotel chains are home to restaurant franchises whose menus are just a step above those of big, fast food chains with lots of breaded, fried, and heavily sauced {Read More}

Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living – You CAN Eat Healthfully in the Disney Parks!

Everyone who knows me knows that I consider myself a foodie.  Growing up, food–growing it, shopping for it, preparing it, enjoying it–was the highlight of all our big, fat Italian family gatherings.  It didn’t matter if it was a holiday event or a Sunday lunch, we ate and we ate well. As a child I was always the last one at my grandparents’ table.  That was partly because I was, as my grandmother used to say, a chiacchiarone (chatterbox) but {Read More}