National Park Week 2016 – National Parks in the U.S. West

If there was ever a time to visit our nation’s parks, this is it. 2016 marks the centennial celebration of the National Parks System and from April 16-24th every park in the system is offering free admission in honor of National Park Week with special events taking place each day. There are currently 411 parks, trails, waterways, historic sites, recreation areas, monuments, and memorials that fall under the designation of the National Park Service. In honor of these national treasures, {Read More}

Five Days in Yosemite – A Valley Primer

“Too-tock-uh what?” my 8-year old asked, looking up at Yosemite’s El Capitan. The hiking guide said the word again: “Tutokanula—it means inchworm.” We had inched our way to the midpoint of our first hike in Yosemite National Park, and our guide Sam (that’s right, Yosemite Sam) explained that the Euro-American settlers and the native Miwok peoples who inhabited the valley had opposite ideas for naming the famous monolith. The newcomers called it The Captain, but the native name for it {Read More}