Little St Simons Island – Nature and Beauty on Georgia’s Golden Coast

“Are there going to be snakes? I don’t want to see any snakes.” Such was the refrain from my 13-year old daughter in the weeks and days leading up to our visit to the Lodge at Little St. Simons Island, a private island retreat off Georgia’s coast. This is a child who has an Indiana Jones-like fear of serpents of all kinds. A child who once emitted a blood curdling shriek at sight of the tiniest of garter snakes in {Read More}

Farmers Market Friday – Down to Earth in Rye, New York

Small and Sweet If you’re looking for an unpretentious market with abundant offerings from local growers and producers, the Rye Farmers Market is a great one to add to your list. Small but sweet, Rye is home to one of Westchester’s pocket-sized markets and is one of my favorites among the many that take place each week around the county. I find that I head east to Rye more frequently than many of the more elaborate destination-type markets Despite my {Read More}

Kiawah Island Resort – Unplugged Luxury at its Best

The goal of Kids Unplugged is to feature the best in off-the-grid family destinations–destinations that entice us to abandon our electronic devices, keep our heads up, and truly connect with one another and the world around us.  I recently visited a spot that fits that description perfectly–and luxuriously.  The Kiawah Island Golf Resort near Charleston, South Carolina. Families for whom golf is not a defining, or even a partial factor in deciding upon a vacation spot, are probably unfamiliar with {Read More}

Beach Walk and Turtle Talk – A Morning with Camp Loggerhead at the Longboat Key Club

As with many of the beaches along the Florida coasts, the stretch of white sand at the glorious Longboat Key Club is a seasonal nesting spot for endangered loggerhead sea turtles.  It seems that we’re having a week of sea turtle education as before our arrival at Longboat Key we spent a few days at the Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina whose 10-miles of beach was dotted with about 100 turtle nests.  Our sea turtle experience would continue on {Read More}

Going Native – Kiawah Island’s Junior Naturalist Program

During our recent stay on Kiawah Island, my girls spent an engaging couple of hours at the Night Heron Nature Center participating in one of their Junior Naturalist classes.  Kids ages 7 through 12 who are visiting the island can participate in any of the center’s five classes on an individual basis. Those who complete all of them earn the title of Kiawah Island Nature Program Jr. Naturalist. Either way, the classes are a great way for kids to immerse {Read More}

Up to Our Knees in Pluff Mud! A Paddling Adventure at Kiawah Island Resort

“Look! I’m stuck! I need to be rescued!” called my 8-year old daughter from where she was standing in a nearby tide pool. With a net in her hand and a grin on her face, she tried to pull her feet free from where they’d been sucked into the glue-like mud that lived below the surface. She was very pleased with herself. It was August and we were taking a road trip to Florida to visit my maternal grandmother, who {Read More}