Little St Simons Island – Nature and Beauty on Georgia’s Golden Coast

“Are there going to be snakes? I don’t want to see any snakes.” Such was the refrain from my 13-year old daughter in the weeks and days leading up to our visit to the Lodge at Little St. Simons Island, a private island retreat off Georgia’s coast. This is a child who has an Indiana Jones-like fear of serpents of all kinds. A child who once emitted a blood curdling shriek at sight of the tiniest of garter snakes in {Read More}

5 Ways to Connect Your Kids with Nature

The woods behind the house where I grew up went on forever and I knew every inch of them. A thick layer of amber-colored pine needles littered the woodland floor and I can easily conjure the warm, damp, composty smell of the spongy blackness I’d unearth by digging beneath the carpet. Through the trees, across the dirt road, was a swamp where we spent hours attempting to sail across in the old baby bathtub or upon makeshift plywood rafts. We’d {Read More}

Taming the Beast – A First Timer’s Guide to Killington Resort

As a newer skier, I like to know what I’m getting myself into.  I’m always afraid to go up a lift and not be able to get back down.  I also tore a ligament in my thumb a few weeks ago, so I’ve been wearing a hand brace and skiing without poles (note to self–newbies shouldn’t ski too fast).  Consequently, I haven’t wanted to find myself at the tops of any runs that are out of my league.  So before {Read More}

Join the #KissColdAway Twitter Party – February 24, 9-10 pm

The northeast has been under winter’s siege since late January with above average snowfalls being recorded all over the country.  Nearly 8 feet of snow has fallen on Boston alone in the past three weeks! This may be well and good for winter sports—our family has certainly taken advantage of the awesome conditions on the ski slopes and snowshoe trails of Vermont this season—but shoveling the driveway, dealing with power outages, and listening to repeat blizzard warnings have been far {Read More}

Five Days in Yosemite – A Valley Primer

“Too-tock-uh what?” my 8-year old asked, looking up at Yosemite’s El Capitan. The hiking guide said the word again: “Tutokanula—it means inchworm.” We had inched our way to the midpoint of our first hike in Yosemite National Park, and our guide Sam (that’s right, Yosemite Sam) explained that the Euro-American settlers and the native Miwok peoples who inhabited the valley had opposite ideas for naming the famous monolith. The newcomers called it The Captain, but the native name for it {Read More}

The Trapp Family Lodge – A Taste of the Alps in Stowe Vermont

Steeped in rich family history, one which is inexorably linked to the 1965 classic The Sound of Music, the Trapp Family Lodge is surrounded by 2,500 acres of stunning woodlands, farmland, and mountains in the charming village of Stowe, Vermont.  The Trapp family, whose matriarch was the Baroness Maria Von Trapp, once portrayed by Julie Andrews in the famous film, has been a mainstay of Stowe hospitality since 1950 when they first opened the doors of their family home to {Read More}