Ice Storms and Torchlights – A Quick Trip to Mount Snow

It was Tuesday’s snow report that finally pushed me over the edge.  Staring out the window at my winter-bleak backyard–brown grass and no snow in sight–a ding signaling a new email pulled my attention back to my computer screen.  A new edition of The Lift, Mount Snow’s digital newsletter, had arrived.  It touted the fact that contrary to the backyards like mine in areas further south, Mount Snow and the surrounding town of West Dover, “looked like winter,” with the {Read More}

The Trapp Family Lodge – A Taste of the Alps in Stowe Vermont

Steeped in rich family history, one which is inexorably linked to the 1965 classic The Sound of Music, the Trapp Family Lodge is surrounded by 2,500 acres of stunning woodlands, farmland, and mountains in the charming village of Stowe, Vermont.  The Trapp family, whose matriarch was the Baroness Maria Von Trapp, once portrayed by Julie Andrews in the famous film, has been a mainstay of Stowe hospitality since 1950 when they first opened the doors of their family home to {Read More}

The Trails are Alive! Cross Country Skiing at Trapp Family Lodge

As avid hikers we know that trails covered in deep snow can put a damper on winter treks and for folks all across the U.S. this winter has been an absolute doozy.  We’ve missed our woods walks these past couple of cold, snowy months as trudging through a minimum of 8-inches of snow for any length of time wouldn’t be fun for anyone.  Because the conditions have been so limiting this year, we were all really looking forward to sliding {Read More}