Turnoff Week @ Third Friday!

Thanks to all of you for your support at last night’s Third Friday in Tarrytown. Main Street was bustling with everyone coming out for this beautiful warm weather after the cold and damp at the beginning of the week.

Many of you picked up your Turn Off Week Family Contracts at the Kids Unplugged table. There will be a link on the blog tomorrow to the Rivertowns Guide website where you will be able to download your own family contract.

The new Kids Unplugged t-shirts were a huge hit. They sport the fancy new logo you see at the top of this page, created by the talented graphic designer and Kids Unplugged supporter Jamie Gehman, Suburbia Roller Derby Mama of three wee ones (how did she find the time?). Thank you so much, Jamie! We’ll have the rest of them available on upcoming hikes so get ’em while they’re here! By request, we’ll have youth larges and grown-up shirts coming soon. You can also email kidsunpluggedny@gmail.com if you’d like.

All proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts will be put toward incorporating Kids Unplugged as an official not-for-profit organization. Many thanks for your continued enthusiasm!

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