Wacky Wednesday at Brinton Brook

Brinton Brook Sanctuary in Croton is a great place for an after school hike. The sanctuary is the first of the Saw Mill River Audubon’s properties. It has 3-miles of trails through varied terrain, and the pond loop at just over a mile, was just right for an after school hike. The gloomy weather broke just before it was time to head out for the hike and the spring sun followed us up Route 9 to the trailhead

One of the things that was nice about the pond loop were the nature signs that guided us along the trail and taught us about the flora and fauna in the sanctuary. The rough-hewn stone walls, constructed in some places of very large boulders, made us wonder about the farmland that once stood on the site while we waxed about the idea of going back to what was and wasn’t a simpler time.

The kids ran and climbed and rustled and gathered all along the trail. To their delight they discovered an enormous, whimsical climbing tree, and held court in the branches for a while. Of course, no Kids Unplugged event is complete without a shin-deep pond splooge (my kid again). Thankfully the mysterious discovery of a couple of rogue coconuts (the children had many fine theories for their presence) helped to distract attention away from the soggy, muddy socks and back to the joy of the hike.

Another winner. We’ll visit again for sure.

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