Wacky Wednesday Dip at Gory Brook

After taking much the summer off aside from our farm outings, Kids Unplugged threw a Wacky Wednesday on the calendar earlier in the month and promptly forgot about it. When the 19th rolled around, a reminder email went out about the hike along the Gory Brook Trail in Rockefeller State Park. Figuring that everyone’s summers have been as laid back as ours has been, I really expected to be out there with my girls and maybe a few other folks. Imagine my surprise when the cars started rolling up to the dead end for the hike with kids spilling out ready to hit the trail.Parents and kids alike said they really missed Wacky Wednesdays, and I was delighted to be met, not only by a dear friend with whom I haven’t managed to connect in ages, but 4 other new families as well, bringing our total up to 17 families for the hike.

Our crew set off down the shady path with kids and parents both happily reuniting after 6-weeks of summer vacation. It was wonderful to meet folks who have been following the blog and our adventures for some time but had not managed to join us until now. One mom told me that she had arranged her work schedule so that she wouldn’t miss Wacky Wednesdays this year. How great to be greeted by such enthusiasm! Thanks, all.

The Gory Brook Trail is truly spectacular during all four seasons. There is an amazing, triple-arch stone bridge along the trail, reminding visitors of the Preserve’s rich history. And while it may be at its most beautiful in the autumn, when the leaves, bursting with fall color surround you on all sides, for today’s steamy, summertime visit, it was the perfect remedy.

We’ve hiked this trail, and others along brooks, creeks, streams and rivers, in the past, and it is a long-running challenge to keep the kids out of the drink.In fact, if you follow this blog you’ll recall numerous incidences of splash and splooge over the past several months. Today, however, was a joyous reprieve from parents’ concern about having to hike back to the trail head with cold, wet children. At least today, they would be warm and wet. One smart mama even brought the bathing suits.

The kids were in the brook, in various stages of undress, the instant we arrived at the put in point. They waded, splashed, mucked, sifted, netted and fished. Our day’s big find was a crawdad that a real dad pulled from under a rock.

Great hike. Added one more for before school starts. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

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