Wacky Wednesday East Irvington Nature Preserve

Yesterday afternoon we stayed very local and headed to East Irvington Nature Preserve. Mother Nature seems to be having a hard time deciding on whether it is really Fall, as it was an unseasonably warm day. A contrast to the last time Kids Unplugged visited the Preserve, back in April when the children had ample opportunity to puddle jump.

The group was fairly small, with a few new faces, which is always a delight. We started off by making our way to the pond, which is guaranteed to attract the children. We hung out for quite some time on the platform overlooking the pond, giving the children plenty of time to explore and look for wildlife (and sticks) surrounding the pond.

We progressed slowly along the trail, stopping every once in a while to pick up toads and worms, examine mushrooms and to enjoy the soft mossy “carpet”. It felt so spongy underfoot. A perfect spot to rest awhile.

We completed our loop and returned to the platform once again, where several of the younger members of the group had chosen to spend time socializing and getting to know one another.

We look forward to seeing our new found friends again soon.


  1. Many, many thanks to Debbie who was able to lead Wacky Wednesday. When a truly crazy day took hold of me yesterday, rather than canceling our weekly hike, Debbie offered to take my place on the trail–and post this great adventure report!

    Thanks again, Debbie!

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