Wacky Wednesday Sleigh Ride

Our Wacky Wednesday Walk yesterday was along the Pocantico River Trail in Rockefeller State Park. The trail follows the Pocantico River through woods and meadows though we didn’t make it much past the first bridge. I love this walk. It was the location of the first Kids Unplugged hike back in January, and I thought we’d return this week. When I planned the walk, I hadn’t planned on Monday’s snow, but I knew there were a couple of decent hills along the trail so I figured sleds were in order.

We started along the trail and stopped, where the kids always want to stop, on a nice sized, little beach-like bank along the river. Just beside the bank is a small, short hill. The kids hit the slope, sleds in hand, with the enthusiasm of Shaun White at Laax. We didn’t go any further to the hills I’d had in mind. The little slope kept them happy for an hour!

As the grown-ups began to feel their toes getting frozen, we encouraged the kids to hike a bit around the loop and over the big stone bridge back toward the trailhead. It wasn’t warm, but the sun certainly helped and it felt like a welcome reprieve after the chilling weather of preceeding days. And a good run around- slide down a hill-make snow angels-afternoon can warm anyone up!

Note: today’s photos (with the exception of the snow angel) are the courtesy of Debbie Allan, Kids Unplugged enthusiast and Mom of two. Thanks, Debbie!

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