Wacky Wednesday Woodfrogs

This time the alliterative title really could not be avoided. Really.

We went to the Greenburgh Nature Center this past week for a great, after school romp.One of the things I’ve realized since starting this group is just how much kids like to climb and slide and find little cozy spots to climb into and make themselves at home.

Have you ever noticed how much rock there is in Westchester? Huge, glacial boulder configurations loom large in the woods; surfaces of others appear in fields and on hillsides. And the kids flock just naturally flock to them. Climbing up, sliding down, finding the hidey-holes and shelves in between and carved into the boulders. Holding reign on the ones with the flattest tops.

Fallen trees, log piles, and just about any body of water (even a puddle will do) are other favorite attractions. Balancing, scrambling, splashing, and squishing. The trail to Woodfrog Pond at Greenburgh Nature Center offered all of these diversions on Wednesday, with the added bonus of quacking woodfrogs splishing about on the cusp of the vernal equinox.

Mmmm. Spring.

Note: Today’s beautiful title shot is by Anik McGrory. The reflections are very cool.

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