From Seed to Sprout–Saturday on the Farm

Today was the second in our series of Spring Saturdays on the Farm at Fishkill Farms and the farm is really starting to come to life! We spent the morning learning about the all-important seed–that which is the beginning of almost everything at Fishkill Farms.  Before we started our seed and sprout adventures, we spent a bit of time down at the hen houses doing what the kids seem to love to do most–collect the eggs. I’ve said before that they just never seem to tire of it. And while there were no magically colorful eggs in the nesting boxes today, it was just as thrilling to gather a bunch of warm brown, light blue and light green-ish eggs from the resident laying hens. One child even found a teeny-tiny egg today which she loved so much that her mama told me she brought it with her to bed tonight!

After hauling the egg baskets (and big bouquets of dandelions!) back up to the farm store and washing our hands, it was time for a visit to the greenhouses to catch a glimpse of the farm’s precious seedlings. The kids were able to peek into the greenhouses through their open ends to see the beds of baby greens sprouting up as well as the tables laden with the hundreds of fragile seedlings which would be transplanted to the farm’s gardens when the danger of frost passes.On our way back, we had a moment to visit with the sheep and lambs who were now big enough to be moved to a pen in front of the farmer’s house. They’d grown so much since we visited with them back in March!

Our morning continued with a bit of role playing as we were introduced to our friend Sprout and some seed dissection as well as a bit of planting–I’ll be anxious to hear if anyone’s seeds sprouted! Please keep me posted! We finished up by reading a beautiful book by Alice Clooney called Miss Rumphius, a story that perfectly illustrates the wonder of seeds. Another refreshing morning at Fishkill Farms.

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